insuranceA simple fall could cost you all your hair.
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Today is going to hurt.

About 672 workers will be injured on the job in Canada today. How many workers are on your site?

By fostering a culture of safety, you can keep your worksite from becoming a part of this statistic.

It’s not easy, sure. Doing the right thing never is. But it is the right thing — for your workers, for your business, for your country.

And you’re not alone. We offer specialized insurance coverage that works for you, protecting your people and providing you with a solid foundation upon with to complete every job without worrying if it will be the last. Put us to work for you.

Did you know there are 4 leading causes of death in the Canadian Construction industry?

The four causes of death in the construction industry are: falls, getting electrocuted, getting hit by objects, and getting caught between or caught in objects and machinery. statistics on deaths and injuries in construction sites in Ontario indicate that over the last five years, the construction sites in Canada have seen a death toll of 102 people.

The major causes of deaths last year alone were fallings, crushes, and people getting struck by items. If all these people who lost their lives had insurance, then their families were well compensated and funeral expenses covered. But if someone happened to lack insurance, then it might have been a very difficult time for the family.

Therefore, it is important to have insurance as a construction business owner. This kind of business has too many risks, which go from employees suffering physical injuries, deaths to even extensive and expensive property damage. No matter the extend of the damage caused to persons or property on your construction site, as the owner of the business it would be your job to pay for the damage. Thus, if you have insurance, you are better off. You won’t have to close your shop because of a lack of funds to keep on running.

What kind of Insurance should a Contractor have?

There are many types of insurance one should have. Here are some important insurances you should consider as a contractor:

-       Commercial General Liability Insurance

This is one of the major types of insurance a contractor should never lack. It provides coverage against claims coming from third parties for property damage or physical injuries that happened in a construction site. The payment not only covers the compensation but also covers all the expenses suffered by the business owner during the lawsuit, as well as pollution coverage. An example of this insurance coverage would be when a person passing by your construction site trips by some of your working tools or slides on a slippery floor being unsupervised and gets injured. If the person decides to sue you, you will want to utilize this insurance.

-       Contractors Pollution Insurance

Another very important insurance is the Contractors Pollution Insurance. Canada has strict environmental laws in place that all builders, no matter the size of their company, should adhere to. Failure to meet all the requirements risks lawsuits. Having this insurance, you are guaranteed optimal protection from such claims that could affect your business negatively.

-      Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance

If you possess some vehicles and heavy trucks for use in your construction site to transport workers, equipment, as well as construction material, then you should probably obtain Automobile Liability Insurance. There is no doubt, accidents could occur in a construction site or during the moving of equipment and construction materials. Both personnel and property are at risk of injury, death, or damage. If any of these occurs, there will be lawsuits coming your way. An automobile liability insurance provides coverage against claims in case of property damage, injury, or loss of life. It will also ensure all your legal costs are well catered for.

-       Workers Compensation Insurance

You don’t want to miss on this one. Workers compensation insurance functions to safeguard employees from lost salaries and medical expenses resulting from injuries in the workplace. Additionally, it also ensures the families of the employees are compensated when an employee dies as a result of injuries occurring on the construction site. Furthermore, workers' compensation insurance also serves to protect the employer against lawsuits related to those injuries or deaths.

-       Roofers Insurance

If you provide roofing repairment services, you should probably get this. Roofers insurance offers coverage for roofing contractors in case an accident occurs in a workplace. A roofer works at certain heights it increases the risk of injuries and fatalities in the workplace. A worker can miss a step and fall, or a tool might fall from the roof causing some damages.

These are just some of the insurance a contractor needs. The list is endless. Talk to us today, we are professionals with experience insuring contracting businesses within Canada. We will ensure both you and your business are adequately covered.

What does a Contractor’s Insurance Cover?

Contractors insurance is usually provided as a package specially designed for contractors. It will normally include Commercial General Liability insurance but will also include protection to the property and tools used by the contractors. If you are interested in learning more about Contractor’s Insurance bundles don’t doubt and contact us. We will try and get you the best deals.   

As a contractor, you must have insurance. Do you have it? The following are some of the reasons why you need a contractor’s insurance and what it covers:

-       It protects both you and your business. As a contractor, you can be sued for injuries, damaging property, or even causing deaths. A General Liability Insurance will cover all the legal fees and damages arising from court battles.

-       It may be mandatory by law. Some states sometimes require every contractor to possess general liability insurance.

-       Clients need you to have it. Some clients before committing to working with you need proof of general liability insurance. Without this, they may be held accountable for any mishaps on the site.

How do Independent Contractors get Insurance?

There are two ways an independent contractor can get insurance. Either by:

-       Getting your own coverage. You can get this from an insurance provider. You will need a certificate of proof from your insurance provider.

-       As an independent contractor you client can add you to their insurance. A client might decide to cover you in his or her general liability insurance for the period the work will take.  

How do I protect myself as an Independent Contractor?

You may have been an employee but through hard work and sweat, you rose to become an independent contractor. Since you are new in the business there are a few things you may need to do to protect both you and your new venture.

-       You need to have a clear scope of work and agreement ready with clients. This will ensure there is open communication between you and the client.

-       Get general liability insurance. This insurance is very important to your business as shown above. A client might require proof of it before giving you the contract.

-       Have a business account in place. You should not use the same credit card you use for your daily activities to do business too. Having a separate business account will help you when it comes to paying taxes.

Surety AssociationThe Surety Association of Canada (SAC) is the national trade advocacy association that represents the interests of the surety industry across Canada. Its members consist of primary surety firms, surety reinsurers, surety/insurance brokers, and other organizations that provide related and complementary services to the surety industry

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