Product Development-Tanning Salon

Tanning salon insurance is a must!

Are you a tanning salon owner? As a tanning salon owner, you should be aware of all the responsibility you have in protecting your property and the safety of those you provide your services to. 

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Product Liability Insurance

Don't let your creations be your worst nightmare - Product Liability

what happens when one of your products causes damage or injury to one of your clients? Successfully designing, creating, or supplying a product is the dream of every entrepreneur. Imagine creating your own cosmetic line and being able to sell it to the public.

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Acrylic Nails

Get your Acrylic Nails Covered with Insurance! 

Acrylic nails have become a popular trend amongst celebrities and even the general population. Clients often get these nails for a special occasion, but many also enjoy having them as a part of their daily beauty routine. Acrylic nails allow people to express creativity, and they can make a bold statement to their outfits.

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Ear Piercing Insurance

Gun and Stud Ear Piercing might not be as Safe as You Think!

There are two ways to pierce your ear: piercing needle and piercing gun. Generally, piercing needles are safer as they are more precise, more hygienic, and less painful. However, the piercing gun is still common due to its lower cost and convenience.

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Detox Specialist Insurance

Detox your Life and Get Insurance!

Detox, short for detoxification, is a process that helps improve our body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins. A detox specialist works with patients to formulate a detoxification plan and work with them throughout the process.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Shot Insurance

Platelet-Rich Plasma Shots need Insurance!

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a substance that promotes healing when injected into damaged tissues. It is thought that the high concentration of platelets in the plasma will release more special factors, allowing it to work on the injury quicker, leading to a faster recovery.

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Injectable treatments

Get Rid of Wrinkles with Insurance instead of Botox.

Injectable treatments is a general term that includes any non-surgical cosmetic treatment intended to either smooth out skin (ex. reduce wrinkles) or to accentuate a feature (ex. lip fillers).No matter how many anti-aging products we use, aging is inevitable. Many seek to reduce signs of premature aging such as face wrinkles, sun spots, and as a result, they look into injectable treatments.

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Short Term Rental

Short-term rentals can be a nightmare! Short-term rental Insurance

Short term rentals

Are you looking to use your property as a short-term rental? Properties used for short-term rental services are widespread nowadays. And why wouldn't they? Using your extra or own property as a short-term rental can bring you some extra income.

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janitorial service insurance

Cleaning might seem simple but might also involve risks

A cleaning company would most likely be responsible for providing cleaning services to several businesses in different locations. A cleaning company will also most likely have several employees providing those cleaning services.

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