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  The little things matter.

If you want to understand how home insurance works, you will need to know some of the factors that affect insurance pricing and its coverages. Ask yourself questions like Do I live in an urban or rural area?

Is there a fire station or fire hydrant near my house? Does my neighbourhood have high crime rates? Do I have risky appliances? Is my house near a seashore or a water body? 

There are a ton of factors that affect what you pay for insurance. While some you can control, others are out of your hands.

In summary

You should know the risk factors in your area as this helps you know what amount you are likely to pay for insuring the home. Since risk factors determine the rates you will be charged; you can assess those risks that you can change to lower your insurance rates. For instance, if you live in a high-crime area, you may decide to move to a more secure neighbourhood just to offset the cost of insuring your home. Or you can choose the option of installing a security system, which will lower the cost of the insurance premium you pay. 

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