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What Is Boat or Marine Insurance?

Do you want to know more about boat insurance in Canada? And how it differs from marine insurance? Well, boat and marine insurance are alike, but regular boat insurance is for recreational boaters, while marine insurance deals with commercial vessels.

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Intact Insurance Payment

Intact Insurance offers three payment methods to help make it easier for their clients. 

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living expense coverage for home insurance

Picture this scenario: people are out into the street after a sudden disaster, may it be a fire in their apartment building if they rent, or massive property damage from hails or other disasters for home or condo owners. They are pulled out from their dwelling. The question, what happens next?

A brief history of Inland Marine insurance

When business insurance was new, Ocean Marine insurance provides coverage to huge ships from losses sustained while on transit. For instance, should any goods get damaged during shipping because of a storm, Ocean Marine Insurance would reimburse you for some of your financial losses.

What is a Fidelity Bond?

A fidelity bond is a kind of insurance that offers protection to a company or organization against losses brought about by its employees' fraudulent and dishonest activities. This type of insurance can ensure against financial or physical losses or damages.

Emergency Evacuation Insurance or Mass Evacuation Assist

Several wildfires happen in Canada each year. As these disasters worsen, more families will need to contemplate purchasing Mass Evacuation insurance, if they don't have it yet.

Umbrella Liability

Personal umbrella insurance coverage will secure your assets versus certain suits as well as cover your lawful expenditures and also revenue loss while preparing your lawful support.

Liability Coverage On Aviation Insurance?

Aviation insurance offers coverage for aircraft operation, including drones, and the dangers involved in aviation. Liability insurance of this type ensures the aircraft's owner against financial losses. The owner or policyholder might be liable to pay damages brought about by injuries to individuals or property caused by or in the aircraft's operation.

What is an insurance claim?

When you claim for insurance, you formally request your insurance provider to cover costs or expenses incurred after sustaining an insured loss.