builders risk insurance coverage

What is a builders risk insurance?

Known in some business as Course of Construction Insurance, Builders Risk Insurance is a special kind of property insurance coverage specified as "insurance developed explicitly to secures a person's or company's insurable interest."

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natural disaster insurance

What Is Natural Disaster Insurance?

Catastrophe Risk Insurance, Disaster Insurance, or Catastrophic Loss Insurance are all acceptable terms connoting to insurance coverage for natural disasters.

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Boat insurance or Marine Liability

What Is Boat or Marine Insurance?

Do you want to know more about boat insurance in Canada? And how it differs from marine insurance? Well, boat and marine insurance are alike, but regular boat insurance is for recreational boaters, while marine insurance deals with commercial vessels.

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home insurance claim

Common Home Insurance Claim

Homeowners' insurance provides reimbursements when your personal or home property is stolen, damaged or destroyed by a peril covered by your policy.

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claim free protection

What is Claim Free Protection

Have you ever considered to claim insurance but decided against it because you knew it would make your rates go up?

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professional liability insurance

What Is Error and Omission Insurance?

Error and omission insurance, additionally known as E&O insurance, Malpractice Insurance, or professionalliability insurance, is liability insurance to protect professionals.

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wrapup insurance

What Is Wrap-Up Insurance?

Whether it's a newly-built, additional, or huge renovation, wrap-up liability insurance or wrap-up insurance for your construction projects is a significant way to protect against property damage or bodily injury to third party individuals or entities that could occur during a construction project.

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fire insurance covering business interruption

What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance is an insurance policy that replaces company income dropped or lost in a disaster. It can be a fire or any natural calamity. Business interruption insurance isn't marketed as a distinct policy but is added to some property/casualty policy or within a comprehensive package policy as an add-on or rider.

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inland marine

A brief history of Inland Marine insurance

When business insurance was new, Ocean Marine insurance provides coverage to huge ships from losses sustained while on transit. For instance, should any goods get damaged during shipping because of a storm, Ocean Marine Insurance would reimburse you for some of your financial losses.

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