insuranceThe cost for home insurance when ask for bundle discount
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The cost for home insurance when ask for bundle discount

Ask about bundling discount policies.

Having the personal insurance home or any other policies bundling together may earn you a premium bundle discounts. If all your coverage is with one provider, making it easier when it's time to negotiate a new insurance policy or when in need of a claim.

Typical bundle discount such as getting the personal insurance home and vehicle, commercial fleet and general commercial liability, professional liability and business property bundle discount. When policies are from the same insurance company having expiry dates at the same time will make it much easier to manage. Having two separate insurance policies from the same insurance or different insurance broker will sometimes cost more. 

So what is the personal insurance bundle discount package?

A "bundle discount" package means when purchased from the same insurance company, covering the personal insurance such as home and car insurance together to take advantage of the insurance company for a discount.

This technique is commonly known as "bundling."  Ask your insurance broker for this.

Purchasing an insurance policy from your insurance broker that includes home and auto coverage will ultimately save you money.

For customers from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, as car insurance is not provided by most companies with the property, there won't be bundle discounts. Still, you can consider business and other forms of combination. Talk to us about your options.

Benefits of Bundling discount Policies

Bundling the personal insurance such as home and auto insurance policies will get you several benefits such as follows:

  • This is the simplest way for an insurance company to get you a discount on the personal insurance premium without worrying about reducing coverage. The deal will apply to both home and auto policies.
  • We have seen up to 20 percent discount on both the personal insurance on car and home insurance.
  • Technically, when an accident happens, there would be some confusion on how the claims could be handled. A typical example, such as damage to a laptop computer in the car accident, would attribute your home insurance claim. The bundling discount package will save you the hassle and stress of following up with multiple carriers.
  • As the example above, contact a single insurance company will get you going, instead of spending time to explain your tragedy's circumstances to difference adjuster.
  • The personal insurance company will recognize the insurer as their loyal customer when bundling multiple policies together. Most often, it will allow opportunities for the insured to develop a relationship with the personal insurance broker.
  • This may entitle you to a loyalty discount and lower your premium even further.
  • Some insurance companies will add in extra coverages for free or discount. Always confirm with your insurance broker especially on the personal insurance package.
  • It will be easier to keep track of the same expiry date when they are together.

Finding the personal insurance home and auto package in Canada?

By working with an insurance broker, you will obtain quotes for your insurance policies from multiple companies. Insurance brokers will do the shopping and search for right policy on the personal insurance policies that fit you. 

You can always compare quotes from insurance companies offering you the most coverage for the least amount of money. By bundling your policies, you will only have to do this once.

There are options that you can customize coverage and content that you obtain the personal insurance products best suits your needs.

For customers from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, as car insurance is not provided by most companies with the property, there won't be bundle discounts. Still, you can consider business and other forms of combination. Talk to us about your options.

Choosing the Policy that fits

As an insurance brokerage, we represent several insurance companies, so you will be offered packages, each with different bundle discounts, and options. It may be hard to decide, but we are here to help you. Options from the personal insurance companies and their offered premium will be explained to you. We will sort through all possibilities so you can find find the best fit policy.

Our list of insurance companies partners can provide you with all types of property insurance. You can get home, condo, or apartment, whether you own it or rent it.

Knowing your Rate

As the personal insurance company will increase the renewal premium from time to time due to inflation, having an insurance broker on your side will ensure you get the best rate.

You may have noticed that your insurance company may have been increasing your insurance premium every year on your policy renewal. By comparing premiums from different insurance companies upon renewal, you have the choice. Even you may find out that you are already enjoying the lowest possible but its always useful to have an insurance broker working on your side.

As previously stated, most of the personal insurance companies in Canada will increase or decrease the personal insurance premiums for many reasons. Most of the factor may attribute but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Your credit score
  • Last year's performance. Suppose the previous year's payout or loss ratio is high. In that case, the insurer will need to adjust the renewal rate to build up their reserve pool.
  • Your postal code.
  • Your age
  • The discounts you are offered may be expired.
  • How you use your vehicle
  • The crime rate in your area
  • Convictions, adding a new driver
  • The type of vehicle you drive, comparing the payout for the same model last year. and many more

There will be many more factors that result in your insurance premium fluctuation, and the list goes on from time to time.  The above are other means of getting better premium apart from bundle discount package.

Always talk to your insurance broker so we can shop for the best value. Circumstances change; when you are no longer driving to work, you move to a closer office or another family member moved out. Always talk to your insurance broker when circumstances change, and we will work out the best for you. Remember, insurance is all about "utmost good faith," so we need to ensure you are adequately covered when in time of need. No stress.

Give us a call

Ready to search for an insurance company for all your policies? Just give us a call, email us or even text us. We will shop around for you and find the best value that fits. 

We are representing a few Insurance companies that are among the best in Canada. You can be assured that you will receive the best for all coverage possible. 

For some provinces in Canada, auto insurance companies are entitled to set their own rates, particularly with all home insurance everywhere in Canada. Why not take advantage of us to obtain premium offered from multiple insurance companies with the same coverage. 

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