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Thai Foot Massage Insurance

Thai foot massage is a special type of therapy that combines acupressure and assisted yoga postures. Not only does this special therapy heal the physical body, but it is also said to cure a human being mentally and spiritually. The massage, most notably, follows designated lines in the human body to heighten the person’s bodily state.

Despite being a tool for good, Thai foot massage specialists are susceptible to various risks that can force them thousands upon thousands of dollars out of their wallet. The best way to combat these attacks is to invest in insurance. Every Thai massage specialist should evaluate and consider the best type of insurance for their business. 

Professional liability insurance, General liability insurance

Professional liability insurance is highly recommended for anyone in this profession. This insurance policy covers your professional practices. For example, a client comes in for a foot massage, you sit them down and prep what you need. As you are giving them a massage you slip on a wet spot on the floor and you accidentally dislocate the client's toe, because of this the client needs medical attention and is out of work for a few days. As a result the client files a lawsuit against you for negligence, however, luckily for you, you have professional liability insurance which can cover your legal fees and any other additional fees required as a result of the trial. General liability insurance is something every business owner needs. This insurance policy covers your property and your clients from any third party damage. For instance, a client walking into your building trips on the steps and injures themselves. General liability insurance can cover the client's medical expenses if needed or legal expenses if the client decides to take legal action as a result. It’s never a bad time to look at the various types of insurance that can benefit you.

Don’t wait until it is too late, get insured now. For more information about getting the right insurance for your profession as a Thai foot massage therapist consult with us and get a free quote now with the link below.

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