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Tatty Bumpkin Insurance

Tatty Bumpkin Could Put Your Bumpkins in Danger

Tatty bumpkin is a fun and enriching exercise for kids. Kids interact with other kids as they perform yoga inspired activities. It helps keep kids active and healthy as they are monitored by a supervisor to try and make sure they are safe.


Although Tatty Bumpkin is a relatively low risk yoga inspired class, nothing ever comes without risk. Anything can happen to any child you’re instructing. Injuries could cost you a fortune. If you’re an instructor, you should get yourself covered with General Liability Insurance in case of any accidents that happen to your bumpkins. 

When running a class full of children, you need to ensure the environment you provided are safe and child proof. Depending on the age, your assistants or volunteers if you have any, are properly trained prior to organizing the activities.

If you are running the program as non profit organization, you may need to consider Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance to cover your executives should the unforeseen happens, this can be result from a child being allergy and suffered when the supervisors ignored while the entire company being sued for negligent. Such incident may happen when the insurance could help in providing defense in the court.

Also consider getting a cyber insurance if you promote the activities through social media, collect payment and registration. Hackers are actively looking at ways to intrude your computer systems, obtain credit cards, information of your clients, addresses, emails, and all other information they can get their hands on for no good. 

Learn more about getting insurance for your tatty bumpkin program by consulting with us or by obtaining a free quote below. Here we leave a link to our insurance inquiry for tatty bumpkin.

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