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Don’t regret it, get insurance for your tattoo removal business

You’ll never regret that ever-binding tattoo of your ex’s name that you got when you were still dating right? Regrets happen all the time, whether it's due to being over-optimistic that things will last forever, or that you’ve done something really stupid during a phase you’ve had. Once those regrets are forever engraved in your tattoos, it's kinda hard to go back. Thanks to tattoo removal businesses, erasing those regrets will only cost you intense pain and a decent bit of cash. However, as a tattoo removal business, mistakes happen. Not getting insurance may be your biggest one.

Like many other businesses, Tattoo removal businesses will need property and equipment insurance to protect their expensive laser equipment. But If I am just removing a tattoo, what could possibly go wrong? Believe it or not, tattoo removal clinics are exposed to many operational risks. Their operational activities are also unique; therefore, they will also require more specific liability coverage to protect them from particular incidents that might arise during a laser tattoo removal service.   

Take, for example, laser clinics that possess expensive equipment that becomes part of the business's capital assets. In case of fire or theft, you will want to make sure both your property and expensive equipment are insured to avoid substantial losses. Even scarier is malpractice errors. You might be a highly trained certified laser operator, but mistakes can still happen. A slight mistake can lead to an expensive lawsuit and damages payout. Therefore, you will want to have good liability coverage in situations like this.  For example, one client sues a tattoo removal operator after a laser session caused the client a severe burn that later became seriously infected. Fortunately, The practitioner, in this case, had good malpractice insurance coverage, which covered all the legal expenses and payouts. However, suppose you don't have the right insurance or don't possess enough liability coverage for this kind of incident. In this situation, you might see yourself in financial trouble.

Another thing to consider is Commercial General Liability insurance. Like many others, a tattoo removal business might become liable for general damages caused to others and their property. For instance, if a client accidentally falls or injures himself/herself while at your business premises,  Commercial General Liability might come in handy. 

Learn more about insurance for your tattoo removal clinic by consulting with us. Here we leave a link to our insurance inquiry form for tattoo removal businesses.

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