insuranceTurn your misfortune into fortune with insurance? Yes!
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Turn your misfortune into fortune with insurance? yes!

Tarot reading involves using a deck of cards for divination or fortune-telling. The tarot card practitioners ask their clients questions and then use tarot cards to interpret their answers. Initially, tarot cards were used for card games, but nowadays there are thousands of people who read tarot cards as a career. 

Although tarot card reading is becoming more popular in modern society, there was once a negative stigma surrounding it. Some people believe that it is evil or scary because it invokes spirits, while others are skeptics and do not believe spirits, psychics, gods, and energy. On the other hand, there are also many firm believers that enjoy spiritual guidance and the connection to inner wisdom. 

Tarot card readers need business insurance in order to protect their tarot card reading business and their financial assets. In fact, it is illegal to run a business without business insurance so if you wish to steer away from lawsuits, insurance is a must. Some clients may also accuse you for a false reading and claim against you. For example, there have been incidents where tarot card readers have been sued for fraud, extortion, and malpractice. Therefore, insurance is not an asset that should be overlooked. General liability insurance is essential for any business owner. This insurance protects your property and your clients from any third party damage. For example, a client comes in and trips on a rug, falling and knocking over some of your glass merchandise, breaking it and injuring themselves. They may then decide to file a lawsuit against you in order to cover their medical expenses. However, luckily for you, you have general liability insurance which will cover your legal expenses and the cost to replace your broken product. Not only that but general liability insurance will also cover any additional expenses required after a trial.

Don’t wait until it is too late, get insured now. For more information about getting the right insurance for your profession as a tarot card reader consult with us and get a free quote now with the link below.

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