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Spa Clay Therapy Insurance

Exfoliate with insurance!

Spa clay therapy is a treatment for those who may have acne as it will draw out toxins, excessive oils and even bacteria. For some people Spa clay masks are just a routine in their life to ensure their skin is healthy and smooth, but for some it’s a desperate need to get rid of them either for appearance or for health.

The spa clay treatment consists of using mud and clay and it’s applied on the face, it claims almost every skin type can benefit from this. This type of spa treatment is served in spas and salons, you don’t buy them from stores and they have different formulas. The ones in the salons are stronger compared to the ones bought in stores like the Body Shop and Sephora, this is because the products used in the salons require more care and safety procedures. If it is not done correctly it may cause irritation and even rashes. It is extremely important to be diligent of your client’s skin type and allergies. As an esthetician you should be certified to perform these services because you are working substances that need extra care and have knowledge in your procedures. What if someone gets a bad rash it sends them to the hospital or it causes so much irritation that they need a new treatment? Accidents are inevitable so it's best to be safe from these issues by getting spa clay therapy insurance. 

Spa clay therapy insurance has two insurances that protect you from accidents that you or the client may have done on the property. Professional liability is a must for any esthetician because accidents that do happen from you and your practice will be covered by this type of insurance. Commercial general liability is a type of insurance that will help you from any accidents that a client has experienced such as slips, and falling boxes. It is extremely important to get this insurance as accidents may happen anytime and you could be facing lawsuits. 

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