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Sleep Coach Insurance

Sleep Coach Insurance

It’s 4 am, your alarm still hasn’t rung yet but you hear your baby crying. The last thing you remember was you rolling in bed for an hour yesterday night at 1 am, just trying to get some sleep. You feel exhausted from taking care of work and taking care of your child.

You need some sleep. But you don’t wanna go through the hell of rolling in bed for another hour or two because you have to be up for your job in another in 3 hours.  This is the reality of many people across the globe. Most people value their sleep. That’s why sleeping coaches are a thing. There are two types of sleep coaches, ones that try to help regulate a child’s sleep schedule. The other is trying to help adults who struggle to sleep by helping them get the sleep they desperately need.

However, sleep coaches also need to be able to sleep at night knowing their livelihood is secure. Anything can happen to their clients during a session. They could get injured and it could lead to a lawsuit. Knowing that you could lose a huge portion of your money due to a single mistake could be scary. That’s why we highly recommend sleep coaches get insurance for their business. 

There are two vital insurances we highly recommend sleep coaches to get, professionalliability insurance and commercial general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance covers any damages you may accidentally cause due to your profession. For example: if you help guide a client during a sleeping session and they manage to get hurt during the session, you will be liable. 

General liability insurance protects you against injuries caused by 3rd parties. A client may have lied in bed and the bed was somewhat unstable, so they got injured. Or a tv hanging on the wall may not be stable and could fall on someone, essentially hurting them. These are all examples of accidental damages that could happen when you least expect them. That’s why we recommend you protect yourself before it’s too late. 

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