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Singing / Vocal Instruction

Sing your heart out with Insurance

Singing is not an activity most people will think they are good at, it can cause a lot of anxiety for some people and there is a wide range of styles. Communication is key in our society, and as a singing / vocal instructor it is your job to teach people to use it in the most effective way possible.

To have so much influence over one's main way of communication is a powerful position. As a result, insurance is a wise investment should any misunderstandings occur.


Professional liability insurance, general liability insurance


As a teaching professional, it is a wise investment to invest into a safety net. Professional liability insurance will protect you from any damages stemming from occupational errors. For example, if a student suffered paralysis of the vocal cords it would be covered. General liability insurance covers damages that occurred on your property. For example, if someone tripped on a microphone cable, the damages would be covered. Both of these insurance types are recommended for singing / vocal instructors. 

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