insuranceSeaweed Wrap could put you in a fishy situation
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Seaweed Wrap Insurance

Seaweed Wrap Insurance

Going to a spa you would normally ask for a regular skin treatment that would include using facial creams, exfoliators and even feet care.

Seaweed wrap is a spa treatment which is used for sweat detox and for skin care which is recommended for those who need a break. Seaweed wrap is a relaxing process in which a client is coated with a mixture that includes seaweed. The mixture will contain the following: antioxidants, sea salt, iodine, potassium, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamin e, vitamin a, and other essential oils. It also claims to give off a hint of aromatherapy. The spa esthetician will then wrap the client with plastic sheets and blankets to help keep them warm and to promote sweating. They are then left to relax for approximately 20 mins in the warmth before they are unwrapped. Sounds relatively harmless right?

The risks

Seaweed wrap could lead to dehydration due to the water loss from sweating, overheating from the extended period of time in the blankets, and the client could have underlying medical problems that they may not even know about. It is important to have a license or a qualification that allows you to work with substances that may be hazardous and requires a professional. Some may have allergic reactions that could be incredibly severe. As a spa esthetician, professional liability insurance protects you from any accidents that were caused during the session, for example you caused someone to have a bad rash because you may have added too much of one ingredient which made it a hazard to use. Professional liability will cover that sort of accident. Commercial general liability is protection for your salon. This type of insurance is to protect you from accidents that you did not cause, such as falling boxes, slips, and even falls from stairs. These accidents you did not cause some will still sue you for their injuries and to avoid those you can apply for commercial general liability. 

To learn more about the coverages that might be helpful for seaweed wrap, get an insurance quote below.

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