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Saliva Analytics Insurance

Saliva Analysis

Saliva analysis is one of the many methods to diagnose infections in the body. It has many applications including DNA testing, detection of steroids, and a more recent application would be disease testing like the COVID tests. It is gradually gaining popularity in use as it’s cheap, effective, and doesn;t require a medicalprofessional to gather a sample.

It has also been used in ancestry tracing and paternity tests. To collect a sample, a cotton swab is used to gather saliva on the inside of the cheeks. The cotton swab is then sent to a laboratory to test it for whatever parameter the client wanted. 

Professional liability insurance, general liability insurance

As saliva analysis involves working with biohazardous materials, insurance is highly recommended. The sensitivity of biohazardous materials and personal patient information means the repercussions could be huge should the unforeseen happen.

Professional liability insurance is used to cover damages that occurred from negligent occupational errors. For example, a client sent in a saliva sample but was not pleased with the results and wanted to sue, the resulting damages would be covered. General liability insurance covers the more physical cases. For instance, if some saliva samples were damaged after the container broke, it would be covered. 

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