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Researching for insurance? Yes!

Research is an important job in many companies and businesses that rely on useful information for advertising. This can go between medical research, educational research, and technical research. There’s so many types of research out there that it ultimately relies on the company that accepts it or rejects it.

Many people on the internet will read what is posted and importantly who is reading it: students, parents, grandparents, basically all ages. This will go out to people who may believe in what you wrote or not and in the end you could be held accountable for what you wrote. It’s important to get covered for Research Insurance for protection in what you say in your reports. 

There are two types of insurance you should get and it is professionalliability and commercial general liability. Professional liability as a researcher is quite important because you put things up on the internet or a book. Misinformation is very common nowadays and is everywhere, with that being said it may destroy you after putting up information that someone took seriously. For example you publish a research article about how insurance will pay for everything and even gain a profit- however this is not true at all but you publish it and they go into financial debt because of that misinformation you posted. People can hold you liable for not telling the truth and causing them great distress- but if it was an accident that's a different situation. An example of an accident would be watching an educational video and using that information to include in your report but it was an accident because you didn’t know. This is what professional liability will cover you for. Commercial general liability would be you owning a property of some sort with your employees and an accident occurs. An example would be a customer coming in to see you and they fall and injure themselves, this insurance will cover this accident. It is extremely important you get insurance for it so that you don’t get lawsuits. It is also extremely important not to post misinformation or life threatening articles because those will harm people who do not know. 

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