insuranceReminder: you’re never in it alone.
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Reminder: you’re never in it alone.

Whether you’re a veteran entrepreneur or just getting started on your journey, it’s always good to learn from those who have gone before. Here are seven quick business tips from successful small business owners

 to help motivate you along your way

  1.  build a support network, because you will need help;
  2.  be hyper-specific with your goals, so you can plan accordingly;
  3.  delegate whenever you can, it’s more important for you to work on your business than in it;
  4.  keep your overhead low, invest in your business at every stage;
  5.  you can’t do everything, find your niche and stick with it;
  6.  keep your day job longer than you think you should, that extra income will help your fledgling venture;
  7.  avoid distractions, they’re all around and only help to slow us down.

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