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Remedial Massage Insurance

Remedial Massage Insurance

Remedial massage is a special form of massage that specifically treats muscles that are damaged, knotted, tense or immobile. Similar to other massages, remedial massage aims to alleviate the muscular stress from tireless workout. Remedial massage specialists aim to help clients who are experiencing major levels of muscular stress.

Despite the seemingly risk-free nature of the job, there are a lot of risks associated with being a remedial massage specialist. Malpractice claims and physical assault claims are more likely to occur as a remedial massage specialist, so it is your job to prevent these attacks from crippling your financial stability. Insurance will provide a shield for you and your business. It’s always important to determine which form of insurance that benefits you the most.

General liability insurance, professional liability insurnace, sexual harassment insurance

General liability insurance is something every business owners needs.This insurance protects your property and your clients from any third party injuries or damage. For instance, a client walking out of the change room trips on their robe, falls, knocks over a vase and severely injuring their wrists. As a result they may now decide to file a lawsuit against you in order to pay for their medical expenses. However, luckily for you, you have general liability insurance which will cover your legal expenses, the cost to replace the broken vase and any other additional expenses required as a result of the trial. Professional liability insurance protects you from your professional practices. For instance, a client comes in complaining of back pain and you tell them you can help fix that with a remedial massage. After the session however their back pain has not gone away and as a result they decide to file a lawsuit against you for negligence. Fortunately, you have professional liability insurance, which will cover the legal expenses and any other additional expenses required as a result of the trial. 

Don’t wait until it is too late, get insured now. For more information about getting the right insurance for your profession as a remedial massage therapist consult with us and get a free quote now with the link below.

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