insuranceWhat a Wake up call. Meat factory hit hard by ransomware.
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ransomware attack

What a Wake up call. Meat factory hit hard by ransomware.

With our developing world, more and more technological advancements are made everyday. As a result, computers are crucial, even in the meat industry world. 

Computers are used to collect data at multiple stages of the production process, and orders, billing, and shipping are all handled electronically. The unfortunate latest event will bring a lot of smaller business concern over the impact of the network security. The full detail of breaking news Ransomware Attack on World's Largest Meat Producer Disrupts Global Production.” Global News, Global News, 2 June 2021,

JBS, the second largest meat producer in the U.S., fell victim to a ransomware attack. The CEO of JBS USA, Andre Nogueira, responded to this situation: “Our systems are coming back online and we are not sparing any resources to fight this threat.” Consequently, cyber insurance is essential for businesses as cybercrimes are on the rise. Click here to learn about the importance of cyber security!


As JBS is one of the world's largest meat processing companies, even a single day of downtime would result in the company losing about a quarter of its beef-processing capacity. Due to today’s modern world and our heavy involvement of technology, the temporary shutdown of the company not only affects workers, but also food and worker safety. JBS announced that the ransomware attack affected servers supporting its operations in North America and Australia. However, backup servers were not affected and customer, supplier, and employee data were kept safe and untouched. 

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