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Qi Gong Master

Qi Gong Instructor   

Qi Gong yoga is designed to be for your body, mind and soul. It takes focus, and movement to work together in harmony to help balance your energy. Qi Gong is also used as a form of healing in Chinese medicine. Their poses usually flow which makes them stand out compared to other forms of yoga. But as you bring your body to a balance, you may lose your balance. 


Qi Gong doesn’t go without risk. As an instructor, you will be liable for any damages that may occur to your client. If you instruct them to do a difficult pose, or they accidentally get hurt under your instruction, you may be sued. You can protect yourself against these damages with professional liability insurance (PLI). If a client gets hurt due to 3rd party causes such as slipping on the floor and hurting themselves, you can get covered with general liability insurance (GLI). 


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