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Psychological Kinesiology Insurance

Your subconscious mind may not see the risk 

Psychological Kinesiology follows the belief that 95% of our beliefs are from our subconscious mind. Its goal is to target the subconscious mind to help relieve yourself from your mental limitations. It helps to improve self esteem, coping with loss, help people with learning disabilities and so much more. 

Unfortunately, our subconscious may not always alert us of the dangers of psychological kinesiology. Despite its pure psychological aspect, risks are always involved.

Being a certified professional, you will need a Professional liability insurance (commonly known as Error & omission insurance, or malpractice insurance) to help cover accidental damages you may cause to your clients while providing consultation. Anything you said that may result in misinterpretation, medicine you prescript to your patients are all potential risk while you practicing your skill as a professional.

Should you operate in a private location or your own home, you may need to have additional General liability insurance to cover any 3rd party damage in bodily injury (such as slipping and getting injured while walking to your clinic), or property damage (such as your neon light advertising sign falls and smashing a nearby parked vehicle.)

Should you store your patients' information on computer or cloud, you may also consider cyber insurance to protect hacker attack. 

Learn more about insurance for Psychological Kinesiologists by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote below.

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