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Psychobiology Insurance


Psychobiology is a field of medicine that focuses on the relationship between the body and the mind. It connects the emotional and logical processes to physical reactions. Also known as behavioural neuroscience, it was first suggested in the 1700s by philosophers who believed that the field of psychology should be grounded in biology.

Research done in this field uses many techniques and tools, such as dyes and MRIs. They also overlap into genetics, using genetic engineering to see the effects of genes on behaviour. 

The brain and spine is a very sensitive organ, any mistakes or errors could have disastrous outcomes. Insurance can help mitigate some of the damage if there was a lawsuit. We recommend professionalliability insurance, which also includes malpractice insurance. It will cover claims that involve negligent errors and malpractice. For instance, a client wanted to sue after a neurospinologist’s misdiagnosis caused her financial loss, it would be covered by insurance. Investing into a protective barrier against financial loss is key if you’re dealing with sensitive organs. 

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