insurancePlatelet-Rich Plasma Shots need Insurance!
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Platelet-Rich Plasma Shot Insurance

Platelet-Rich Plasma Shots need Insurance!

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a substance that promotes healing when injected into damaged tissues. The high concentration of platelets in platelet-rich plasma will allow the platelets to work faster in helping to heal an injury, hence allowing for a quicker recovery.

 A doctor draws blood from a patient’s body and uses a machine to separate out the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood. They then use a needle to inject the patient’s platelet-rich plasma into the area being treated.

Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood in which the blood cells swim. It contains water, electrolytes, organic molecules, trace elements, and gases. Its function is to distribute nutrients and hormones around the body while picking up waste products to be filtered out in the kidneys. Platelets are suspended in plasma, and they play an essential role in preventing blood loss after an injury and helping with blood clotting.  Platelets are the reason why we form scabs. 

Although more research is still needed for PRP shots, it has proved to speed healing after certain injuries, such as tendon injuries. PRP shots have gained popularity in recent years in the cosmetic industry to help treat hair loss and facial skin, which is also known as “vampire facials”. Vampire facials requires the usage of your own blood to help promote the activity of skin cells, which should improve the overall health and appearance of your face.

PRP shots are considered a relatively low-risk procedure, but there is always the possibility for human error. Accidents are inevitable, especially in a medical setting. As a practitioner, you should protect yourself against lawsuits. Medical malpractice or professionalliability insurance is essential in case anything happens to your clients under your supervision. If an injury caused by a 3rd party happens, however, you should get general liability insurance (GLI). This covers injuries such as slipping on the floor and getting hurt or sitting on a broken chair and getting injured. 

Learn more about insurance for Platelet-rich plasma shots by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote below. Here we leave a link to our insurance inquiry for Platelet-rich plasma shots.

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