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Plasma pen insurance

The Dangers of Plasma Pens without Insurance

Plasma pens are medical devices used for cosmetic purposes such as wrinkle reduction, scarring and mole removals and skin lifting. They function by concentrating electricity on the targeted surface of the skin, which spreads heat around the targeted area, resulting in a slight burn. The procedure can be dangerous if they are not performed by a trained healthcare professional. Thus, plasma pens may pose health risks. As a result, it is illegal to advertise, import, or sell plasma pens in Canada without appropriate licensing under the Medical Devices Regulations. 


Salons and spa services have received complaints and lawsuits about plasma pens due to the additional health risks. Some risks include skin punctures from the needle tip, skin burns, eye irritation, scarring, and infection.  Therefore, it is dangerous to buy unauthorized plasma pens as healthcare professionals or licensed users should only use them. But even if you are a licensed user with an authorized plasma pen, there will always be risks when dealing with such high voltages on your clients’ skin. 

You could accidentally burn their skin, leave a scar, puncture the skin, cause an infection, and so much more. As a result, your client may end up worse off than they were before coming for an appointment. Even with professional training, mistakes always happen. One small slip up, and the client could be hurt. That's why we recommend that anyone using plasma pens in their profession should get professional liability insurance in case any unforeseen accidents injure your clients. 

Commercial general liability insurance(GLI) is also highly recommended. If any client gets injured by a 3rd party, you will be liable. For example, a stair-step could cause a client to fall and hurt themselves. Likewise, a tv hanging on the wall could fall on a client and injure them. Thanks to GLI, you can protect yourself against such accidental damages. 

Learn more about insurance for Plasma pens by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote below. Here we leave a link to our insurance inquiry for Plasma pens.

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