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Peace Hills Insurance and Peace Hills Trust Edmonton

Peace Hills Trust is Canada's paramount First Nation Financial Institute, offering commercial and retail banking services since 1980. 

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The company works with their client to create common-sense financial solutions. Their competitive deposit and loan rates make them second to none. With Regional offices conveniently located across the country, Peace Hills Trust is here to assist you.

Western Canadian company, Peace Hills General Insurance is a company built to serve Western Canadians at its centre. Owned by Samson Cree Nation, they have proudly carried forward a tradition of \"integrity, respect and hard work\" originally outlined by Chief Victor Buffalo upon their founding in 1982. 


Peace Hills Insurance now spans a broker network throughout Yukon Territory, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia– while independently employing over 200 staff!


The company prides themselves on their well-respected reputation as well as our unique structure. The flexibility needed to cater to our clients comes from our mission to be an insurer that sincerely cares. The following list is only a summary of some of our core values:

  • Ethical business practices;
  • Employee-driven innovation;
  • Fair and open communication standards;
  • Shareholder, vendor, customer and employee satisfaction;
  • Conscience, empathy and integrity.


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History of Peace Hills Insurance

Peace Hills General Insurance Company started in 1982 and have been servicing Western Canada, owned by the Samson Cree Nation, the company head office has its location in Edmonton, Alberta. They distributes its products through branch offices in Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia via independent broker system. The system works as brokers are committed to serving customers. They can offer general insurance products.

They values include corporate integrity, empathy and conscience and customer satisfaction.

The Corporate values include open communication, fairness, flexibility and fair dealings with customers, employees, vendors, shareholders and a commitment to the partner brokers. They present their charitable donations to the non-profits of Samson Cree Nation's cultural programs and area.


Peace Hills General Insurance is committed growth and dedicates itself to company, increased value for shareholders and the profitability of the Samson Cree Nation.


With more than 200 employees work at 478 independent broker offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.


100% Canadian-owned insurance carrier, the company providing home, auto, and business insurance throughout Alberta. 


UW Insure Brokers is a leading broker for Peace Hills Insurance in Alberta and British Columbia.


Company Profile of Peace Hills Insurance

Peace Hills has been serving Western Canada as a licensed general insurance provider Since 1982. The company is represented by over 400 independent brokers in the Alberta region. They are committed to providing products with coverage and prices to fit all its customers' needs.

With their head office in Edmonton and branch offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Manitoba, they offer products via over 400 independent brokers offices throughout Canada. 

The company is focus on customer needs and excellent claims service and strives to provide its clients with the best customer service available.


Mission Statement & Vision of Peace Hills Insurance

Unique insurance company with a vision to be a well-respected, profitable provider of insurance products delivered through creative and responsive solutions via brokers.


Types of Coverage offered

  • Auto insurance (motorcycle, collector, RV and more)
  • Home insurance (condo, homeowners, a seasonal dwelling, and more)
  • Business insurance (auto, property, and farm)


 Auto Insurance Package

The company prides itself on service and flexibility. Peace Hills believe that each situation is unique, and thus every car insurance should be assessed based on their own needs and merit as a driver.


Home Insurance Package

For house, condo, or rent an apartment, some enhancements that are included in Peace Hills habitational insurance policies free of charge:

  • 2 million Personal Liability Protection
  • Sewer Back- Up (may cost extra depending on where you live)
  • Water Damage- even if you are away from your home, as long as the insured took reasonable care looking after the home, maintain reasonable building temperature, shut off the water supply.
  • Student's property living away from home temporarily.
  • One of the most comprehensive package available in the industry for homeowner's insurance.
  • Parent's Property in a nursing home
  • Jewellery up to $6,000 (optional higher limits)
  • Highly competative rate condo Owner's Insurance with tailored enhancement.
  • Tenant or Senior Insurance package with discounted rates on age, no-claims history, or fire-resistive building.

Peace Hills insurance range of home & property packages ensure they cover you for everything that may come your way.