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Paddbleboard Yoga Insurance

Paddleboard your way to safety

Paddleboard yoga is where you perform yoga on a paddleboard in a body of water. Both the experience of being on the water and the instability of the paddleboard are what make paddleboard yoga so special. The outdoors creates a zen-like experience as you perform your exercises alone or as a group.

The instability of the board forces the person to use more muscles to help stay balanced as they perform the poses on the board. Unfortunately, that instability is the biggest risk of paddleboard yoga. 

Paddleboard yoga instructors are liable for any damages that happen to their clients. Since their clients are on paddleboats in a body of water, the instability of the board could cause them to fall in the water and possibly drown. To protect yourself against any accidental damages you may cause your clients you should get public liability insurance (PLI). Any 3rd party risks are also your liability. If a group of kids came to the edge of the water to watch their parents perform yoga and they fall, general liability insurance (GLI) will cover those damages. 

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