insuranceOver 50% Of Canadians Have Experienced Cybercrime. How?
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Over 50% Of Canadians Have Experienced Cybercrime. How?

A recent report by the Cybersecure Policy Exchange (CPX) revealed that more than 50% of Canadians have been cybercrime victims. When this happens, the law requires businesses to pay for breach of sensitive information.

Instead of increasing the financial stake for such an instance, insurance companies have now made it possible to buy cyber-insurance coverage. A cyber risk insurance cover compensates businesses for all costs involved with recovery. Have you ever paid a ransom to recover data? Insurance will pay the extortion recovery fees because it is cheaper than a business interruption in most cases.

Get Online Cyber Insurance Quote Now

Get Online Cyber Insurance Quote Now

Always Review Your Insurance Coverage

Over time, businesses may have an increasing need for insurance coverage as their business grows. Always take time to review your insurance and fill in gaps as the situation changes. 

As an insurance broker, we'll help small business owners to decide what is needed and the best fit for their insurance.

Note on Text or SMS-based MFA: 

Some services offer MFA over a text message to the cellphone. 

As technology advances, these techniques may not be as secure as known vulnerabilities where a hacker can now intercept a text message. On top of these, there can be human manipulation where, in many cases, an attacker can convince a cell phone provider to change a service to change or update to their phone. Due to these reasons, it is strongly recommended not to use text or SMS-based MFA methods.

Cyber Risk Coverage

Any business that take online orders, store sensitive information on the computer, you need proper cybercrime protection. See this section about cyber insurance

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