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No bail bondsmen or insurance for Canada

Unlike the United States, there is no commercial business of bail bondsman or bail insurance in Canada. If you are looking for a stay out of jail bail bond, you have to talk to the court to arrange for your cash payment. Standing surety for a fee is a criminal offence, as is agreeing to indemnify a surety. Both are considered obstruction of justice in Canada.

How about Surety?

In the case of a jail bond or surety, it has a different meaning than the commercial surety. A surety is a person who promises a court. They are to act as a supervisor to a person while they are out of jail. A surety pledges or promises money to the court by signing a specific bond called "recognizance."

If the accused do not follow the bail conditions or show up to court as required, the surety will risk losing the promised money (recognizance) to the court.

Who can be a surety?

To be a surety, one must be an adult Canadian with no criminal record and not the alleged victim of the offence.

The person must have enough assets to cover the amount of the bail.

Can a surety be removed or substitute?

A surety must immediately report to the police if the accused breaks any bail conditions or fails to attend court. Should a surety request to remove the role, the accused will have to go back to jail. A surety can be substitute with another person. It has to obtain prior approval from the court on another bail hearing.

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