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As an oracle card reader it may seem a little odd to even consider getting insurance. However like any other business it is crucial to get the coverage you need. Coverage for things like accidents or miscommunication would be a must have. This may seem like a bit much at first but it is highly recommended to get coverages for things like this. 

For any business we highly recommend general liability insurance as this will cover any accidents that may occur while on your property. For example if a client were to slip on a wet floor on your property you can be held liable but insurance can cover this. Professional liability insurance gives you peace of mind in the event a client takes your readings the wrong way. For instance if you read their fortune and they took it too literally and end up quitting a job or ending a relationship, they may find you liable and take legal action. Professional liability insurance will protect in cases like this.

Learn more about insurance for oracle card reading by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote.