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Optician Professional Liability

You might not be able to see the risk involved! 

Although opticians are not in charge of diagnosing eye diseases or writing prescriptions to correct vision problems, their job also involves some risks. Opticians are the ones who design, check, fit eyeglasses frames, contact lenses and other devices that correct eyesight problems.

They provide eye-correcting devices for prescriptions given by optometrists and ophthalmologists, meaning that they could also be held liable if they commit negligent mistakes while acting on these prescriptions. 


Optician Professional Liability


Optician Professional Liability is just an Errors and Omissions insurance or professionalliability insurance designed to protect opticians from liability claims. As liability insurance, Optician Professional Liability will ensure that opticians are covered for the mistakes/errors they commit while doing their professional duties. This will include coverage for bodily injuries, losses, and property damage inflicted on clients and other third parties. For instance, an optician makes a mistake when reading a client’s prescription for eyeglasses, and the client ends up suffering an incident or incurring a loss directly resulting from wearing the incorrect prescription. If the optician is held liable in such a situation, lability protection will come in handy. 


To learn more about coverages of  Professional Liability insurance, consult with us. Here we leave a link to our insurance inquiry form.


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