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Neurospinologist Insurance


Neurospinology is a field of neuroscience that focuses on neurological diseases and its influence on nervous systems. It also focuses on the relationship between brain function and spinal movement.

The tests and procedures done by a neurosponologist are to record electrical signals in the brain and measure electrical function in the nerves, particularly ones in the spine. To become a neuropsychologist, a minimum of a doctorate degree is needed, a license will then need to be procured from the Medical Council of Canada.

Due to the sensitivity of the brain and spine, accidents can be very costly. We highly recommend professionalliability insurance for medical professionals, including neurospinologists. Professional liability insurance will cover claims involving negligent errors and malpractice. For instance, if a client wanted to sue after a neurospinologist misdiagnosed her, the legal fees and compensation would be covered by professional liability insurance. Investing into a safety net is always a wise decision, especially if you’re in a profession where mistakes can be costly. 

Find out more about insurance for neurospinologists by consulting us or get a free online quote below. 

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