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Music Therapy Insurance

Harmonize with insurance

Music Therapy is a form of therapy which helps manage stress, lessen pain, being able to connect, communicate, promote mental health and physical. This can be used for any age group which is really great for those who really need it. Music therapy has been used in kids to help calm their body and thoughts which made them recollect their thoughts.

If a patient was in pain Music Therapy may be used to help ease pain and help with their mind relax and be at ease. It is  a great way to help calm your mind down when you are in mental distress. Music therapy does not always work- some people don’t get affected by music or get too easily influenced meaning the choice of music you choose may affect their actions. If you choose a non calming song or songs with bad word choices they can affect the patient’s mood and may influence them towards physical contact which may cause harm. Risks and accidents are inevitable such as deafness, dizziness and other harm that may happen during the session. If you provide this service in your clinic it is a must to be a certified professional because your patient’s may sue you for injuries- you can get insurance for that.

Professional and commercial liability is a must because as a music therapist it does require you to have a certification.  Professional liability protects you from your mistakes for example if you chose a song that you thought was appropriate but they resort to physical harm and hurt themselves - the insurance will cover that. Commercial liability will cover any accidents that may happen in your clinic or property for example if they slipped on the floor, insurance will cover for that. This is why music therapy insurance is a must as it will cover you for both. As a certified professional you want the best coverage for you and the clinic.

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