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Mountain Skills Training Insurance

Mountain skills training can be a hazardous task if not managed properly. Mountains are one of the most hostile areas on Earth. Teaching while leading a group of inexperienced climbers can be deadly if not planned properly. These training sessions cover a variety of topics including navigation, risk management, planning, camp management, resource management, meteorology, and more. 


Insurance is essential if your business operates in a high risk environment. It can protect both you and your business should the unforeseen happen. We recommend professionalliability insurance and general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance will cover claims involving negligent errors and mistakes. For instance a client wanted to sue because a guide mistakenly taught the wrong knot, it would be covered, General liability insurance would cover claims that involve physical damage, like if a client tripped in your office. Insurance is always a good idea, acting as a protective barrier. 


Find out more about insurance for mountain skills training and more by consulting us or by getting a free online quote below. 

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