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Install ceiling fans in most rooms.

A ceiling fan not only keeps you comfortable it can also save you money. By circulating the air, a fan can keep your cooler in hot months and warmer in cooler months, allowing you to adjust your thermostat by a degree or two—just enough to save some money.

Money Savings on insurance

Insure to value by knowing how much you need for building rebuild, how much you need for content such as bed and computer. Check out the following articles :

  • rebuilding cost 
  • keeping inventory

prevent claim. stay secure by doing the following

Read the blog here to learn more.

Remember, your home insurance has more than covering your home. It is a combine insurance policy that includes


the building


and depending on the package, you may get enhancement such as additional living expenses, lost rent if you rent out the property as long as you notify the insurance company of the changes.

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