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Micro-DNA Therapy Insurance

Micro-DNA Therapy

Micro-DNA therapy, or gene therapy, is a technique that modifies genes to treat or prevent diseases. For instance, gene therapy can be used to replace a pathogenic gene with a healthy gene, or even inhibit it. Gene therapy can also introduce a new gene into an individual’s body to help treat a disease.

However, because gene therapy changes the body’s DNA, it raises some ethical concerns, such as if we should be able to use gene therapy to enhance basic human traits like stamina, height, and intelligence.

Micro-DNA therapy may have potential risks as it is not easy to insert a gene directly into the body. Therefore, a gene enters the body through a carrier called a vector, which is genetically modified to deliver genes. As a result, the consequences can range from mild, such as redness due to inflammation, to severe, such as the gene targeting the wrong cells. If the gene ends up targeting the wrong cells, it may damage healthy cells and could result in cancer. However, there has been research and it provided evidence that gene therapy can help treat a wide range of diseases such as hemophilia, leukemia, cystic fibrosis, and more. 

Due to the risks involved with the micro-DNA therapy procedure, it is important to consider insurance. Professional liability and medicalmalpractice insurance are going to be huge assets as they will both protect you from claims and lawsuits that would otherwise be very costly for your business. 

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