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Metal Detecting

Metal detecting insurance

Ever lost jewelry on the beach? Well you would use a metal detector to help you find it, even if the chances of finding it were slim you would still try. Some see this as a hobby, you’ve seen youtubers making videos finding items with their metal detectors and showing off cool things they have found.

No matter how long you have been metal detecting, there’s always risks involved with the activity. That tin can that someone failed to toss into the recycling bin could be buried next to some live wires, gas pipes. The hole you dug but forgot to fill could break someone's leg. Metal detecting is not as safe as you think and it is prohibited in certain parts of Canada, such as national parks, cemeteries, archaeological sites and historical areas. 

Since metal detecting is so limited in Canada you may as well insure your metal detector for equipment coverage because some metal detectors are high grade which means it is expensive. If your metal detector costs thousands of dollars you can have it insured but if it breaks you should consider deductibles. Deductibles are a fee you must pay when you are asking for a replacement or a compensation for a new one. Let’s say you bought a metal detector for $2000 and it was an accident that it snapped or the device within the metal detector stops working, you asked for coverage but the insurance says “Okay, I can cover you for $2000 but there is a $1000 deductible”, this means the insurance will only give you the $1000 instead of $2000. Think of this as a punishment for being careless because unfortunately it happens where people are being too careless and ask for money like this. However, let's say you sell metal detectors as a business and you have a little shop, a customer may fall and injure themselves. If that happens you may be liable for their injuries because it’s on your property which may also mean lawsuits. Commercial general liability will protect you from those claims and keep your business opened!

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