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Mentorship Insurance

Mentor freely with insurance

Mentorship is extremely important in any setting where teamwork and collaboration is present. Mentoring is guidance and ensuring the people you work with are in good standings. Sometimes people need a professional mentor to ensure that they can lead others in certain occupations.

Mentors have knowledge in certain subjects that others do not and are interested, so in that case the mentor will help and guide those who are less experienced. Mentors play a huge role in people's careers and in school, they seek those who need a better insight on a certain field and mentors are willing to help those who want it. In situations mentors don’t always help you, sometimes it can go very differently and its important to understand how you can prevent that.

If you provide services that are related or are mentoring you should ensure you’re protected. Mentoring isn’t always helpful. Sometimes there’s risks that come with it - you give advice and a path for someone to follow but it ends up badly meaning it ruined a relationship of their environment and they sue you. Sometimes the advice you give doesn’t always work and someone could accuse you for their mental trauma which leads to lawsuits and so many more issues. This happens often and there’s protection for that. Professional liability has the ability to cover you for the accidents and negligence you have caused to someone else. Whether you are qualified or not you can be held liable. If you offer services and it's at your property there could be some issues that come with it. Commercial General Liability is there to help you, it has the purpose of protecting your business by accidents that occur within the property. An example would be the sidewalk was slippery and falls on your property, they can sue you for endangerment because the sidewalk was not taken care of. To put this into simple terms professional liability will help you with the accidents you caused whereas commercial general liability will help you with accidents that were caused on the property such as falls. 

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