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medical malpractice insurance

Medical Malpractice – Individual Healthcare Professionals

Accidents can happen at any time and any place, and this includes the hospital. Health professionals are professionally trained to provide patients with quality health care. They go through many years of schooling and help study, diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses, injury, and other physical and mental impairments.

However, health professionals are human, and mistakes can even happen in the hospital setting. Scary, I know. Medical malpractice occurs more often than we’d like to admit, and there are serious consequences. Medical malpractice is very real, and we need to take precautions whether it is deliberate or not. What can we do, though? 

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice insurance is just another form of professionalliability insurance. This insurance protects professionals such as those involved in the healthcare industry against claims against their medical malpractice. This includes coverage for legal expenses related to injury claims resulting from the health practitioner's negligent work. Health practitioners not only can cause damage by accidentally injuring their patients but also by making wrong diagnoses or through the omission of certain information that can be vital for the patient's care.  

To learn more about the coverages that might be helpful for healthcare professionals, get an insurance quote below.

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