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Lomi Lomi Insurance

Lomi put you at ease with insurance

Lomi means to kneed, rub or soothe. But Lomi Lomi massages went double or nothing on the name to double down on their true beliefs of a good Hawaiian massage. They power their way using their palms, knuckles, fingers, elbows, knees, feet, forearms, etc to help their client attain a state of otherworldly relaxation.

It takes a holistic approach in which the massage does not only relax your body, but it connects your mind and body with your emotion and spirit. 

Lomi Lomi massage requires you to have more of your body exposed at a time compared to a regular massage. This is due to the nature of how the massage works. Therapists do long flowing motions instead of working on one section of the body at a time.

Unfortunately, despite Lomi Lomi’s unique approach to massage, it still holds risks. The more physical the treatment, the more risks it usually has. In massage, it’s all about touching and manipulating a person’s muscles to help them feel relaxed. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen. As a therapist, you could accidentally push on a weak muscle a person has and damaging it, or accidentally pushing too hard and hurting a person, you will be liable. Their health was under your hands and your mistakes can lead to lawsuits and demands for compensation. That’s why we recommend professionalliability insurance (PLI) to protect you against such charges. 

Providing a massaging service requires the client to be within the same building as you. Buildings have so many risks, such as hanging objects, slippery floors, structurally weak furniture, etc. All these 3rd party factors could lead to someone getting hurt. If a hanging object falls onto someone, someone slips on the floor or a chair breaks and they get hurt, you will be liable. To protect yourself against injuries caused by 3rd parties, you should get commercial general liability insurance. 

Due to the physical nature of Lomi Lomi massages, your attempts to help relax your client’s body and mind could be misinterpreted as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment insurance covers the legal fees to help defend yourself against false sexual harassment claims

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