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Light Therapy Insurance

Light up your life with insurance

Light Therapy is supposed to help those who have health conditions, this may apply for those who have mental and physical conditions such as psoriasis, SAD (Seasonal Affective Depression) and even dementia. Light Therapy comes with a device called light therapy box, it mimics natural outdoor lights.

The device needs to be filtered properly before giving it to patients that need the treatment, otherwise it may cause blindness. The risks are there and it's best to understand what’s the best insurance for you. 

Professional liability and commercial general liability can help you and your business for these accidents.professional liability helps you from accidents such as medicalmalpractice. Meaning if someone was to get treatment - with all the steps followed and still something wrong happens such as blindness professional liability can protect you from those accidents. Commercial general liability can help you from accidents such as falls from slippery floors or any bodily harm on your property.

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