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Life Coach Insurance

Learn this life advice… 

As a life coach, it is your job to help reduce your client's stress and anxiety from their day to day by providing advice. Advising others knowing that they will most likely do as you say puts a lot of responsibility on you.

In doing so, if the outcome and that comes from this advice does not turn out well in favor of your client, they may hold you responsible. Situations like this are when insurance would play a vital role.

Insurances like general liability, professional liability and sexual abuse liability are recommended. Public liability protects your business as an owner. General liability insurance covers accidents like clients slipping or falling while at your office. Professional liability insurance protects you and the advice you give to your clients. For example, if your client talks to you about how they dislike their job and end up quitting after that conversation and regretting that decision, they may blame you for their situation. Professional liability insurance would protect you if anything like this were to happen. Sexual abuse liability insurance protects you in cases where clients misunderstand you. As a life coach, you give out a lot of advice, and in doing so, it may not all come out as the way you intended.

Learn more about insurance for Life Coaches by consulting with us or by obtaining a free online quote.

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