insuranceLiability Insurance for Urinalysis
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Liability Insurance for Urinalysis

Get Professional Liability Insurance for Urinalysis

A urinalysis, or a urine test, is used to detect various disorders such as UTI’s (urinary tract infection), bladder infections, kidney disorders, liver disorders, diabetes, and more.

Urine tests are also commonly used for drug and alcohol tests. A small urine sample is collected, and then it is sent to a lab to analyze. Urinalysis is a very simple procedure and has little to no risk involved. 

Even if urinalysis is a low-risk procedure, insurance is still important if your clinic offers urine tests. You will need insurance coverage for your equipment, employees, and property. In addition to that, you will need professionalliability insurance and medicalmalpractice insurance in case an error occurs when analyzing the urine sample. 

Learn more about insurance for urinalysis by consulting with us or obtain a free quote below. 

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