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lava shell massage insurance

Lava Shell Massage

Massages with Lava shells are meant to relax tense muscles and take away muscle knots. Therapists practicing this kind of massage have claimed it helps with blood flow, reduces swelling and sore muscles. Tiger clam shells are often filled with a gel containing natural minerals, which are then activated for the clam to start heating.

The combination of minerals and other substances can often produce different heating levels, allowing massage therapists to provide different temperature massages according to the clients' comfort level. However, similar to hot stone massages, lava shell massages require therapists to be careful while massaging their clients. Injuries or burns resulting from this activity might bring liability and injury claims. 

Therapists offering lava shell massages should obtain Professional Liability Insurance. With Professional Liability Insurance, therapists will be covered against claims of negligence, omission and malpractice. This means that they will be protected if they injure their clients due to negligence, malpractice or simply by omitting certain information crucial for the patient's care. Injury claims lawsuits and all the other expenses involved with it can cause the therapist significant financial instability, and therefore this insurance is essential. 

To learn more about other coverages that might be helpful for therapists providing lava shell massages, get a free insurance quote below.

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