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Laser Acupuncture Insurance

Laser Acupuncture

Laser acupuncture is a relatively new variation of the centuries old technique of stimulation. It typically uses low energy lasers (sometimes referred to as cold lasers) instead of needles. The actual process is almost identical to traditional acupuncture, a laser acupuncturist will shine a laser beam at acupuncture points and hold it steady from 10 seconds up to 2 minutes.

The duration depends on the depth of the pressure point and the desired power of stimulation. Sometimes infrared lasers are used for additional stimulation or when more penetration is needed. It offers some benefits over traditional acupuncture such as it being noninvasive, great for patients who are scared of needles, and reduces risk of cross-contamination.  

Although the use of lasers reduces the risk of contamination and reduces discomfort for patients, there are other risks present. That’s where insurance comes in. We recommend professionalliability insurance and general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance will cover claims involving negligent errors and malpractice. While general liability insurance is mostly directed to third parties and could cover damages ranging from bodily harm. Insurance is highly recommended for businesses, especially if the business is healthcare. 

Find out more about insurance for laser acupuncture by consulting us or get a free online quote below. 

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