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janitorial service insurance

A cleaning company would most likely be responsible for providing cleaning services to several businesses in different locations. A cleaning company will also most likely have several employees providing those cleaning services. These factors, despite being positive, can also expose the business to several risks involving liability.

For instance, what would happen if one of your employees breaks an expensive piece of equipment from one of the businesses your company provides cleaning services. You will most likely be responsible for the losses, but what if the losses are beyond what your company can incur as an expense? Moreover, what would happen if while one of your cleaners is mopping the floors one person falls and breaks their hip? Whether your company is held liable or not, having business liability in these kinds of situations would be essential. 

Janitorial Services Insurance

Even though liability is one of the most important coverages that you will need for your janitorial business, you might encounter situations where you need coverage for other things. For instance, what if you suffer a loss of your expensive cleaning equipment or what if one of your cleaners loses several keys belonging to a business? When keys are lost, the business owners might ask you to cover the expense of replacing the locks of all lost keys and the cost of getting a new set of keys. Chemicals are used to clean in certain businesses and not cleaning up properly can cause accidents such as skin irritation and even worse.It is best  to get janitorial  insurance for services like these because you’ll never know when it happens and when it does it causes trouble such as lawsuits. If you own a studio to place your materials and storage you should also consider commercial general liability because that covers any accidents that are on your property. Accidents such as falls and bodily harm would be covered and no lawsuits would be coming your way.

To learn more about the coverages that might be helpful for janitorial services business get an insurance quote for janitorial services below.

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