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consider insurance deductible when making claim for insurance

It doesn't always pay to make a home insurance claim

Use your judgement before making an insurance claim for insurance because it may cause your premium to increase. Bear in mind when a claim for insurance is submitted, not to mention you have to pay for insurance deductible,

all insurance companies will not be offering further discounts to compete for your business, and you will see your cost for home insurance increase and usually significant. Making an insurance claim has a one-time benefit, but the insurance premium has to pay year after year.

Let's say you have damage that amounts to $100 over your deductible. The cause of the damage is covered so that you could file a claim. If you do, though, you may get the unpleasant surprise of finding your annual premium hiked by $75. As a result, within two years, you will have paid $150 more in premiums to make that $100 claim - and you'd have years of higher premiums still ahead of you.

Home insurance can be a confusing subject and isn't very exciting, but it is essential to understand these basic home insurance facts. Guarding your insurance claim records excellent will save you hundreds in premiums and ensure that your property is well protected.

Making a fire insurance claim

In the unfortunate event of a fire, making a claim for insurance process is regarded as when the policy owner notifies the insurer until the claim process is completed and ends with an agreement to settle. To get at the end-stage, you will find out where to look for and find your insurance policy. At all times, you ought to know where to look for and knows your insurance policy coverage. Always keep your home insurance policy in a secure fireproof safety deposit box leased from the bank. When there's a fire, you need to get your insurance policy contract and read through the declaration page ascertain what sort on the declaration page on what's covered and what's allowable, the insurance deductible. 

This info will help you with knowing if any deadlines to submit your insurance claim. The majority of the information you may need is usually on the declaration page, at the start of your insurance contract. If, for any reason or other, you can't find your insurance policy contract or do not understand, contact your insurance broker

Some insurance brokers might also contact your insurer, keep track and liaison with the insurance adjuster along the way for a day or two. They will gather information and assist with claims, and that will provide you with cash for a temporary settlement. With some insurance programs, the insurance company may settle and rebuild your house while providing you with temporary accommodation, another reason you need to contact them as swiftly as possible. You can send in a written notification instead of calling. Whenever you get your insurance provider, they'll help your recovery process. 

Making a Small claim 

For a little loss, such as missing items, water damage, and minor electrical device damage, you may want to reconsider the cost mentioned earlier. Once a claim for insurance is made, you will need to prove ownership for the items, the cost minus insurance deductible and losing the insurance discount for years. 

Should the insurance claim become frequent by the insurer, they will decline your insurance renewal. You will have a hard time finding another insurance company willing to take you, and this would result in jeopardizing your mortgage.

Remember that claims for insurance benefits the insured once but may take many years to build up the discount for money savings. After the insurance deductible, you may not get back a lot but would risk not getting insurance and mortgage.

Getting Help with claims

IBC or the insurance bureau of Canada has this document to help consumer on claims

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