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Hypnobirthing Insurance

Childbirth is an excruciating process. It takes 9 months of pregnancy and an insane amount of pain over the span of a few hours. This process is tolling for so many women all over the world. That’s why some women opt for something called hypnobirthing. It’s a process in which a person uses hypnosis techniques on a woman going through labour. It is supposed to help calm the patient and help relax their body. It’s supposed to help relieve some of the intense pain of labour.

Although as a practitioner, your goal is to help relieve pain from your client through hypnobirthing, there’s always the chance of causing the adverse effect. People may react unexpectedly to your treatment. They may say it made them uncomfortable or made them think of the pain more. In extreme cases, they may say that hypnobirthing caused them trauma. To cover any accidental damage you may cause to your client, get professionalliability insurance  (PLI). you should also make sure your company has general liability insurance (GLI) in case any damages from 3rd parties happen to your client.

Find out more about insurance for hypnobirthing by consulting us or get a free online quote below.

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