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hot stone massage in action

Hot Stone Massage

It will be too hot to handle without insurance. Hot stone massages are a great massage therapy meant to ease muscle tension and help you relax your body. During this massage, heated rocks might be placed along some specific body part of the client, and they might also be held while providing a gentle stroke massage.

Therapists providing these hot stone massages have a lot of responsibility to ensure these rocks are at the right temperature to put on the client's body. Burns resulting from this massage can raise injury claims and costly lawsuits. Therefore, a professional massage therapist in this field should be protected with the right insurance. 


Professional Liability Insurance protects those with expertise in a particular professional area from costly lawsuits that result after their negligent care causes injury to a client. Professional Liability Insurance, for instance, can protect hot massage therapists against claims of negligence and malpractice arising from their clients. For example, if the massage therapist accidentally reads the wrong temperature while heating the rock and then directly places it on the client's body, the client can incur severe burns, for which the therapist might be held liable. Having Professional Liability Insurance for these kinds of cases will come in handy. 


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