insuranceHome insurance is not just for homeowners.
home insurance

Home insurance isn’t just for homeowners.

Are you renting? If so, do you have tenant insurance? Many people don’t realize they can purchase insurance to cover their possessions when they rent their home or apartment.

A 2018 survey showed that nearly one-third of Canadians said they didn’t have tenant insurance because they thought they were covered by their landlord’s or roommate’s policy.

That’s unfortunately not true.

You can purchase "Habitational Insurance" which is under the same class of home insurance, condo insurance or tenant insurance. These package will usually contain the following

  • Liability Insurance
  • The buildings, 
  • Contents 
  • loss of use (additional living expenses), 
  • or loss of other personal possessions 

Most importantly, the homeowner insurance provides some financial relief against disasters. 

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