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Hearing Therapy Insurance

Hearing Therapy Insurance

Hearing therapy is a type of therapy that is under audiology. It is meant to help patients with hearing loss or other hearing conditions like tinnitus. This type of therapy focuses on communications with hearing disabilities, like lip-reading, support with hearing aids and other assistive devices.

It could be classified as a rehabilitative process as it helps clients how to live with their impairment and it usually follows surgeries. Many benefits offered by hearing therapy include increased confidence and better communication skills. 

Despite all the aforementioned benefits, there are still risks that can be mitigated. Insurance can help protect you and your business from harm. We recommend professionalliability insurance and general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance protects from claims involving negligent errors and malpractice. Like if a client wanted to sue a therapist who neglected to sanitize some of the equipment, causing an infection, it would be covered. General liability insurance will cover claims involving physical damage to people or property. For instance, a client wanted to sue after tripping on a cord in the office, it would be covered. Investing into a protective barrier against harm is always a good idea for businesses. Get insured today.

Find out more about insurance for hearing therapy by consulting us or by getting a free online quote below. 

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